Leaving startup mode

You’ve grown rapidly the past couple of years and you’re trying to find a way to work ON your business instead of work IN it.

What you need

If you started your business, you face unique issues as you try to grow as a company. You probably still spend much of your time working in the business. Your staff has increased, which takes time and attention. You're part entrepreneur, part producer, and part manager. All of which doesn’t leave much time for thinking, planning, and acting on the things that will grow your business for the future.

As you grow, you'll need to manage and lead differently.

We can help

  • We can bring an outsider's perspective to your business challenges
  • We'll help you prioritize and act on the critical drivers of performance
  • We can help you get more out of your people
  • We can be an extension of your management team, working on executive coaching, outsourced sales management, outsourced marketing management