Sales team development and coaching

What it is

Today’s sales team needs a different set of skills to be successful. Clients are looking for sales people to be true business partners—understanding and solving their business problems in a way that adds economic value for both parties.

We’ve identified the “Critical Seven”—the must have skills for today’s sales professional:

  1. Business acumen: understanding customers’ business problems
  2. Product knowledge: identify how your solutions solve problems
  3. Relationship skills: partnering with customers during the buying process
  4. Planning skills: approaching territory & account management with discipline
  5. Questioning skills: using Socratic methods for uncovering pain points
  6. Presenting skills: articulating how solutions solved agreed upon needs
  7. Closing skills: commit to actions that incrementally move the buying process forward

How we do it

  • Assess the strength of your sales team in each of the “Critical Seven” selling areas
  • Develop a targeted plan for incrementally growing your teams sales capabilities
  • Provide practical tools, coaching, and learning methods to evolve skills and knowledge