Selection and hiring

What it is

Creating the right team is essential for positioning your company for growth. Tapping the unique strengths of your workforce, you build customer value and a distinct competitive advantage that is difficult to match. By ensuring employees are a match on all levels—experience, skills set, cultural fit, and work ethic—you’ll make the decision that’s right for both the short term and long term.

How we do it

  • Identify the skills, attributes, and characteristics that are predictive indicators for success
  • Implement the steps necessary for implementing a systematic, multidimensional process for hiring
  • Provide you with an objective, behaviorally-based interviewing process that includes a rating system
  • Develop an onboarding plan and process for new employees
  • Provide learning modules to help new employees ramp up quickly
  • Introduce structured coaching to assimilate new managers into your company