Sales process improvement

What it is

Many sales process efforts fail because they don’t consider the realities your sales team faces in their selling environment. The litmus test for any sales process development effort: will your sales people actually use it? Our approach is grounded in the belief that sales people need to be engaged in mapping the process for managing your customer relationship. Leveraging your internal knowledge, as well as our sales best practices, we build the right sales process for you.

How we do it

  • Develop a “rapid prototype” blueprint for the ideal customer relationship management cycle
  • Evaluate alignment with how your ideal customers prefer to purchase products & services and identify ways to create clear customer value in each stage
  • Identify critical activities, roles, measures and enablers for sales success—from prospecting, through closing and ongoing customer development
  • Develop measurement systems for each selling phase, integrating sales automation tools where appropriate
  • Train and coach your sales and service team to be successful